Worship With Us

What will the worship service be like?

Heartfelt. We are a community of loving people seeking to be more like Jesus and encourage each other in our individual journeys. Our worship style utilizes and reflects the wide range of talents and cultures within our church. We seek to praise Jesus by involving all age groups, cultures, and talents. Our worship style allows for participation, reflection, meditation, and study.

What will the music be like?

Wonderful! You will hear traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music, and even original songs at times. Normally accompaniment of a piano and organ are used. On special occasions you will also worship to the sound of a trumpet, acoustic guitars, a saxophone, or other beautiful instruments.

How long is the worship service?

Our service starts at 10:45 and usually lasts an hour and a half. Our bible studies (Sabbath school) start at 9:30 AM and lasts an hour.

What should I wear to Church?
Wear whatever makes you comfortable. You will see men in suits and ties as well as golf shirts and slacks. You will see women in dresses as well as pants.

Do I have to be a member at Spring Meadows to participate in the Communion service?

All are welcome to participate. Jesus died for all and He invites us all to take part in this symbolic ceremony in remembrance of Him and to instill a heart of service in each other.

Where do my children go during the worship service?

All children may attend the worship service with their parents. You will see many families bringing children of all ages to the service. We typically have a special segment of the service just for them, called children’s story.

Where do I park?

Any unreserved parking space on our church property is available for you to park. Should these spots fill up, we have additional parking in the rear of Meadows Academy (please use the Hester Road entrance for this parking).

Want to know more about Spring Meadows?

Please speak with our members and our Pastors. Also, please call any of our staff during the week. They are here to help us all in our spiritual growth.